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Simon made his way to the cells by way of NPC guards one fat one named Porkins who’s name ironically described him perfectly, to his brothers cell. "Hey Roman how you holdin up bro?" He'd ask, he and Chantel stood outside of the cage it was an old building the walls were cracking the paint was stripping and it smelled damp definitely no place you could get used to.

Chantel looks around the jail, she sees blood on the floor where apparently someone had been wounded earlier and no one bothered to clean it up. Roman was sitting on his cot. She felt bad to see him locked up like this, "Hi Roman, how are you?" She asked as she saw a rat scurry down the hall.

Roman was sitting in his cell staring off into space when he heard the NPC guards scream his name and say visitors. He'd sit up in his cot waiting to see a figure make its way down the stairs. There was only a handful of people it could of been since he kept his circle fairly small, so when Simon and Chantel walked down the stairs he wasn't too surprised. He watched as they approached and greeted him in his cell “What'd you care don't you have somebody to wrestle or sumn" He'd say rolling his eyes and laying back down on his cot  "and Hello Chantel"

Simon scowled at his brother’s attitude. "It never fails no matter how bad the situation you totally know how to make it even worse. Have you been behaving yourself in here?" He'd ask knowing his brothers mental instabilities when in confined spaces

Chantel watched closely as the two brothers spoke feeling the tension in their voices. She wonders how many times Roman has been in this situation hearing the frustration in his voice. She again asks him "How are you holding up Roman?"

Roman furrowed his brow hearing Simon's words he had never been the biggest fan of his older brother partly because he managed to keep his nose clean through the years unlike Roman who had to struggle to get everything. "You just think you know me so well don't you big brother, well answer this why the fuck you just now coming to see me ? As for being behaved ask the little red head over there that got locked in my cell yesterday. I'm not holding up this place is torment for people like me but I’m used to it aren’t I brother ? His question was rhetorical he didn’t actually expect an answer.

Simon could see where the conversation was headed and didn’t want any parts of it. Simon really didn’t even want to be here in the first place if It weren’t for Chan he wouldn’t. She had this Idea that he and his brother had a chance of patching their beef but she didn’t know the details of what stemmed their feud and he would keep it that way if he could.  "Well I'm sorry didn't mean to bother you thought you might like some company but we can go if you wish” He’d turn to try and leave the room.

Chantel looks at Simon and whispers "we cant leave him like this, he is just frustrated. Try to show some compassion."

Simon stopped and pausing briefly and turned around  "you’re right" He whispered back  "well Roman we are here because we care and are here to help if you need anything, we are brothers after all ” He'd try and explain to the stubborn Roman it was always a pissing contest between the two. They had never gotten along as kids and especially now as adults  Simon was just going through the motions saying what he needed to say to appease the feelings of his wife who brought him here.

Chantel she looks at both brothers trying to figure out why they have so much tension with each other. She asks Roman "Why do you seem so mad at your brother? He is only wanting to make sure you are okay? Do you need anything?"

Roman let out a laugh “Why ? Oh you have no idea ?” He rose up from his cot towering over her "Simon why don't you tell her what it is, Tell her why we hate each other.?” He'd look into her eyes and tilt his head to the side "He hasn't told you has he? " he'd say as his gaze moved from her to Simon then back to her again "Well Mrs. Phoenix haven't you wondered how we are twins but have 2 different last names?" he'd ask her now grinning

Simon could feel his palms getting sweaty as he knew what was coming next.  “Come on man for real is this necessary ? I came here to help don't you get it what happened to you was not all MY FAULT."  he'd face palm and turn away this was what he had tried to avoid and now upset he was drug into this situation and she would now get to hear their family issues.

Chantel looked at her husband with wonder and confusion in her eyes, "umm whats he talking about babe?"

Roman looked at a now embarrassed Simon and began to dig his claws into his pride. " Yeah babe why don't you tell her the story ... wait I'll do you a solid and I'll go first " He'd turn to Chantel now " Well sister it's like this your husband and I grew up together for the most part and we fought like normal siblings do, but then one day Simon here has a grand idea. He says hey little brother let's play a game. I said cool let's play we were about 7 at the time and there was this kid named Max who used to pick on me all the time . Well Maxie boy was afraid of my brother here he being the bigger of us so he decided it was a good idea to go find Max and give him a taste of his own medicine. When we did find the kid we chased him through a park he was a fast runner and hard to catch. When he tired Max decided to climb a tree and when he did Simon here threw a rock hitting him in the head and Maxie boy went tumbling out of the tree falling to his death."

Simon looked at Chantel with a tear in his eye and finished with  " When the neighborhood found out what happened we confessed to chasing him to the park. Then CPS came to our house along with the cops I had never been so afraid " he began to sob lightly as he sniffled recanting his story. " I didn't know what to do, I didn't want to get separated from our parents so I told them it was Roman and not me and they took him away" he said turning away he couldn't look either one of them in the eyes now

Chantel looks at her husband, she can tell this was something he thought he would never have to tell her. She reaches over and rubs his back then turns to Roman as she can see anger and sadness in his face. " Babe, have you ever expressed remorse for what you did to that boy and to your brother? "

Roman smiled as he saw the tears from Simon he enjoyed to see his brother feel sorrow it was a fitting revenge for all the years of sorrow Roman endured due to him. " Foster care to foster care I went I didn't get a set of foster parent's til I was 11 and the Mother was the sweetest angel she loved me and adored me and made me feel like family. She was from Nigeria and very much Jewish black though. It was strange because I had never seen a black Jew other than Sammy Davis or Lenny Kravitz. Anyway she gave me her last name Sias this tattoo on my chest 1975 is the year she moved to the states after fighting a civil war with her brothers and sisters. Well one day she came home with a man and introduced me to him said he was going to be staying a while. I thought nothing of it until one night he awoke me from my sleep screaming about dishes I had forgotten to wash. Then he took his fist and punched me in my mouth. I woke up naked in my mothers room where he had tied me up and was taking dirty little pictures of me. Come to find out later she had started using drugs and prostituting I didn't understand it as a child but now that I'm grown I could see it was the guy who turned her out. This continued on for a few years until one day I was 14 years old I came home from school and I could hear them in the room arguing as they usually did, well this time I could hear these blood curdling screams coming from the room. I was no saint myself at this point I had already become what I was destined to be. Running the streets, in with dangerous crowds, violence, drinking, drugs you name it. I grabbed my gun from my room and marched upstairs. And what I saw was an image I that still haunts me to this day ... the woman I loved more than anything in the world laying on the floor bloody and battered. He'd beat her so bad she couldn't open her eyes so I shot the Motherfucker right there dead, done, over. The cops came and she told them it was her in order to protect me the cops would believe it cause hell look at her. But theres no happy ending unfortunately, about a week later she died of an overdose. So why you ask ? IT WAS THIS FUCKERS FAULT " his voice went from calm to very aggressive as he wagged his finger in the direction of his brother ” I was living in UTTER HELL while he lived the lavish lifestyle of a fucking rich and sheltered child its this piece of shit who stole everything from me !!"

Chantel walks over closer to Roman while pulling her husband's hand. She looks at both of them and can see hurt in each other as this was never resolved. "Roman, you have every right to be angry and hurt, but you two are adults now, so what is it going to take to start repairing this relationship?"

Simon shook his head and covered his face. Everything Roman said was true Simon couldn't deny it, It haunted him his whole life he knows what he did was wrong and everything that happened to Roman was all his fault he began to cry louder " I can't do this " he'd turn to leave the room unless he was stopped

Chantel goes after Simon “ No babe, you cant keep running away from this, you need to face it and deal with it. You cant keep running.. he’s your brother and he needs to put this behind him. She said hoping what she said could prove to be true. She was shocked at the depth of the drama between the two and that this is her first time hearing of it.

Roman looks at Chantel " There is no putting this behind me how do you put years of abuse and murder behind you just willy nilly? I can never forgive him for what he has done to me and he will never forgive me for what I have become. So while the world shakes it head at the monster that is Roman Sias I have one man to blame for my creation " He'd wag a bronze finger in the direction of Simon "Simon my brother YOU MADE ME WHAT I AM " he began to scream frothing at the mouth now. “ Now that I've told you my story I'd appreciate it if you both left me to my cell " and with that being said he’d turn his back and move to his cot where he would lay back down facing the wall.

Simon grabs her arm "Cmon Chan let's go" There was no point in staying the cat was out of the bag and Roman had won defeated he’d exit the cell area there was no getting through to his brother and he knew before he came. But now she knew and she knew why.

September 6, 2017 at 8:28 am
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