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Skye narrowed her eyes at the NPC server, who immediately pulled out her phone. "None of that." Skye said, and wacked it out of her hand so that it fell to the floor with a smash. "Now sit in the corner, with your face to the wall and say, and do, nothing." She said, voice ice cold. "Or this bat goes across the back of your head." The NPC started to cry and nodded, doing as Skye ordered. "Good girl." Skye said, and patted her head, before pulling out the two sets of cuffs that were attached to her jeans and cuffed the NPC's ankles and wrists. She'd then pull out the napkin from her pocket and stuff it in her mouth. "That's it." Levi followed Rowan to the back where he pulled out his lock picking set to fumble with the office door. Seeing the blood bag he grinned even wider "Okay, do you know where the tank is?" he heard a soft *click* and then the door snapped open. Skye'd make her way around the rest of the diner, smashing all of the cameras and she'd head out to the office to join the others.

Rowan would turn her head, fumbling over different mechanics out back until she found the one that had warnings about fires and shit? "Okay got it." She would crank open the tank, spotting the murky water and tear open the blood bag, spilling the contents into the small tank. When the bag was empty she would just toss it back into her bag and make her way to the office. Levi took care of the camera in the office, "Okay, now come here you." he would talk into the backpack, then reached inside and pulled out a doll. A very realistic looking baby doll.. one of those reborn babies. It was a baby in a blue jumper, wrapped in a blanket with a paci in its face. Then he would pull out nails and a hammer next, climbed on the desk and beat those nails in the wall, then took the doll and fixed the blanket on the nails, so the doll would hang from the wall, the blanket like a cocoon around the small body. "okay... " he breathed out, lifting his bat and sent it down on the desk with a loud crash.

Skye's hands immediately yanking open the drawer and pulling out the paperwork for the Gein. That would all be ripped up into tiny pieces and thrown up in the air so it'd rain paper rain! She'd then start to smash her bat down on the chair in sync with Levi smashing the desk, gradually breaking it apart, watching the wheels spring off in different directions across the small room. "Is it me or does it smell like justice in here?" Skye asked, sending another swing of her bat into the chair. Rowan would clap her hands together, holding the blood bag and it would be ripped apart and aimed it right at the doll, throwing the open bag into the fake baby. It would splatter on it, then fall down the wall, leaving a thick crimson stain. Levi cheered to Rowan as she threw the bag of blood at the doll, it was splattering everywhere in the cramped room. "Okay ladies, I hope you dont mind." that was the last and only warning they got before he undid his jeans and pulled his junk. He made sure his bladder was filled *good*, and let it flow all over the debris on the floor.

Skye would tear open her own bag of blood with her teeth, coat her hands and start to draw on the wall with her fingers. She'd start by writing: 'F.' 'O.' 'R.' in the blood, before needing to recoat her hands, where she'd then add. 'C.' 'A.' 'R.' 'L.' 'O.' 'S.' Rowan would now coat her own fingers in the thick blood. She would then proceed to paint on the window next to her. 'BALD BABY BUTCHERER.' "now YOU make it rain Levi." Rowan said calling out to him, watching is piss coat the room, climbing up onto the broken desk now, "Okay we ready?" and she would balance on one foot as she stepped up higher on the broken desk, Skye and Levi would exit the office and Rowan would reach up, flicking the lighter, the small flame sparking, she would push herself up as close to the sprinkler as possible, and before the first drop of blood would fall on her face, a loud fire alarm would spark in her ear drum, causing her to loose her balance and drop to the urine covered floor. "Fuck!" Landing on her knees, only then would she feel the wetness coat her skin. She would smirk behind the mask, looking down on her hands, the watery blood, staining her hands. She would stand spinning in it as it began to soak her hair, her clothes. She wanted to stay and dance in it sadistically, but the alarm was too much of a distraction, so she would turn her gaze on the office door. Running out, leaving bloody footprints. "Lets go!" she would shout to the pair, before heading out the exit, following Levi and Skye out the back door.

October 26, 2020 at 10:18 am
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