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It was of poor quality, the footage. Its aim rising up level with the business that was the Clam Convenience Store. The foggy glass hard to see much through but the idea of two people there. The taller, dark figure seemed to set something down on the counter. A smaller, female form pushed from the counter the opposite direction; only to turn and face whoever had entered. From here it was quick. The larger of the two pulled open the front door and took off running. Passing right ahead of the camera but in such a rush there would have been no perfectly still capture to go off of, only blurs. Just pale skin, black hair, and black clothes that included straps, even over the face. The female's shadow through the dirty glass sort of retreated, heading into the back most likely. No sign of her escape if there had been at all, as the bomb blew.


The blast shattered glass and ripped doors from hinges. Exploding out around the concrete building in a flash of flames. The spray of matchheads began to litter the floor inside and, somewhat out. Each of the 1000's of bits igniting in and of themselves. Spreading out like Hellfire. The footage was shaking; the force of the blast making whoever filmed step back. A little hiss through someones teeth, as if this was all an inconvenience to them. After a few moments of burning fire, the sirens began to pick up in the distance. The aim of the camera began to lower, the sound of crackling and more small blasts the last of it before the footage ended.

January 19, 2017 at 9:56 pm
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