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<span style="font-family: Georgia, serif;">Alice is the son to one of the famous researchers working for Bayer according to the Pharmaceutical company and is currently under training of being a pharmacist due to the high demand and damage that was speculated during and after the hurricane the company went into overload since then, providing not only medical aid but financial aid to local hospitals and pharmacy to continue assistance the victims.  The Pharmaceutical company has sent out over $100 million in donations in relief efforts to the devastated and effected areas such as Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama the assistance continued to the grow from the support of American Red Cross Recovery Foundation to help support families through medical centers by providing free medicine from multiple pharmacy chains to distribute to the victims of the hurricane. During this extreme amount of crisis Alice father had pressured him in his studies to take over one of many of his father researches, by taking on such large duty for his age Alice found himself hounded by many of his peers and overheads tight for time and budget constantly belittling him in a way to encourage faster production within the company, you could say most was jealous due to taking on such a major job at a young age, they  push him to extreme measure to see him fail which only lead him to his succession. Over time Alice gain a twisted since of humor and appetite for humiliation of others reversing the rolls of how they made him feel by inflicting onto others, Alice gain a huge amount of gratification from other frustration or misery.</span>

Extra info:

“Alice” is his English name but his native name is “Yamiga” last name stay the same which is Sato.

Racial identity: Japanese

Alice looks androgynous in appearance but is in fact "male"

Alice hair color is dyed blond but original hair color is black

Alice often has the urge to dominate and will seek out controlling types, he will often uses Propofol as an anesthesia  before or after raping his victims most case some would wake up in a form of Kinbaku rope binding.

Alice is bisexual which he is attracted to both men and women.

((Hi I'm new to crack den so coming in wild!  not sure if it allowed but I might want to run a possible pharmacy on sim to go along with the idea if there not  a pharmacy already but further questions about character or possible meet ups IM me in-world at Yamiga resident"))

July 11, 2020 at 5:14 am
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