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It had been a long wait, the two pregnant women had disappeared into ‘that’ room with her mate and Greed and no one had come out yet. In fact. there was a erie silence. Until finally, cries began to scream into the corridor. Then a second set of new born screams. Emmy waited and waited and in time they would appear, holding the screaming babes. Mismatched eyes of pink and green would stare down to the newborns and finally those scared lips would stretch into a smile ‘’They are here’’

They took the children away from their birth mothers and left them in a crib, side by side so each had the warmth of the other. . And in their sleep they were watched. Creepy? Undoubtedly, The others of the family had left to start the mothers tests yet Emmy were there to care for the little demons who slept unknowing of the world around them.

‘’I’m sorry’’ The first words that Emmy would utter to them, the first words directed to the sleeping newborns would never know or understand. ‘’This needed to be done, We have lost to many Little demons already’’ the Brit would fall silent answered only by the heavy breathing of each sleeping child. Thoughts consumed her of Lauren Russo, Of her child Hades whom Emmy had claimed as her own. The dead child in the jar in sick memorial to the lost woman and baby. Of Sadie Vond, whose recent death had caused so much pain to those around her and whose child would never be known. Mothers and babies lost. It couldn’t happen again.

‘’You will be faced by many choices in your life little ones.. To do what you want.. or to do what others deem ‘right’ but when the time comes, you need to be able to do what you need, Mollie, your mother little girl, she always tries to help and in this city, in this place you have come too. . It will be her ruin, she isn’t strong enough to teach you as she is.. I hope she proves me wrong.. I hope she fights every need to help others and comes for you.. I hope’’ Emmy would stop speaking, hand outstretching so fingers would comb through dark hair of Rayan ‘’Your parents Rayan.. they are interesting, Mated, One is a pig, the other is a fierce woman who boasted about your coming like you were the next Messiah.. But we need to be sure.. you will ALWAYS be their priority, even when you become what you are meant to be, our little demons’’ she would stop speaking again only answered by the sleeping babes before her phone would buzz.

It was time.

Standing she would lift the little girl into her arms who immediately began to scream at being woken up. Her cries not yet waking the baby boy. Balancing child in the crook of her arm her free hand would move to an elaborate set up of Laptop and camera, pressing the ‘ON’ button to send a message to the newly waking mothers. Emmy would smile directly at the camera.

The game had begun.

May 4, 2015 at 10:43 am
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