Filling Hathian’s Geek Needs One Comic Book at a Time

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Comiquities, a place where geeks can gather to reaffirm their normality.  In a town like Hathian where the rough and tumble is a way of life, Comiquities offers a lighter side to the world.  Whether through the comic books where the shop got it’s name, or the recent addition of video games, anyone can find an escape of the reality that is Hathian within the walls of Comiquities.

Employees share the passion of their industry to help elevate the experience of visiting the shop.  Debates between Superman with Wonder Woman vs Superman with Lois Lane are completely acceptable, in fact expected!  Unleash the inner nerd!

So head on over to Comiquities where you’ll see Hathian’s largest selection of comic books, from Batman and Superman comic books to Spiderman and X-Men comics, new and back issues.

Info provided by: Lance Lantash, Comiquities Boss