Add a Little Spice to Your Life

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New to the city of Hathian is a quaint little shop that has a little bit of everything. Vudu Spice Shop offers a variety of products to suit just about anyone. Some of the more common items you might find are smoking products such as tobacco, cigarettes, novelty lighters, pipes, bongs and hookahs. They offer miscellaneous items as well, dig around their shelves and you’re sure to find various herbal mixes, incense, candles and for the adventurous types, body parts!

This shop is the real deal folks! Ever wonder what your future holds? Well Vudu Spice also offers tarot readings! It’s also been rumored that Vudu Spice dabbles a bit in the illegal substance department, so when you need that next fix swing by and see what they’ve got in the back room, it’s possible they’ve got a little Voodoo Spice, Cocaine or Meth! With fair prices that you really just can’t beat. They have pot plants in the back, growing their own synthetic weed!

Although new to town, this little shop is certainly making it’s mark on Hathian! So if you’re really into it or just curious what it’s all about, swing by!