You Need It, We Have It

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Located near the center of town on Berthier Street is one of Hathian’s local treasures, Clam Convenience Store. Every town needs its grocery store and Hathian prides itself in having the best! This little shop, owned and operated by Hathian local, Poe Henusaki has got whatever you need and is open twenty-four seven, three hundred and sixty-five days of the year. The Clam is the only place in Hathian to buy fresh fruit and groceries at bargain prices, top tobacco needs to meet your demands without the overhead of the chain stores.

The Clam offers a variety of specials for Hathian’s citizens, including the famous “Flavor of the Month Slushies”. The month of January is “Cappuccino” and at just .99 a cup why would anyone want to go anywhere else? They boast on their low prices for beer, the price tags do not lie, selling the cheapest beer and hard liquor in town. (Clam Manager note: If you find it cheaper at Bottoms Up, Clam will match the price and take an additional 5% off.)

The Clam is also a wonderful place to work for college students and part-time employment, with a business being open 24/7 the hours are flexible and always available so its staff can pick and choose their schedule with ease!

There just isn’t anything bad to say about this local gem, employees are courteous and helpful, they haven’t had a robbery in twenty-one days and the most recent health inspection passed with flying colors, receiving a grade ‘A’. It’s unknown why anyone would want to shop anywhere else!

Clam Facts provided by: Poe Henusaki (etchasketchy resident)