Tattoos, Piercings and General Abuse

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If you’re looking to get premier, top of line tattoos or piercings, Hathian’s local tattoo shop is where you need to be. Poison Apple Tattoo Parlor is a historic spot in the city. Poison Apple offers a wide variety of tattoos and piercings to suit anyone’s taste. Not ready for anything permanent? That’s okay, Poison Apple’s artists are highly talented in henna tattoo art as well and are happy to get any type of ink you want on your skin. These artists are extremely experienced, so you know the work is going to be done right the first time!

Poison Apple is owned by Travis Morrison, a local citizen who has run the shop for years. He’s known for his beautiful and creative work, he knows talent when he sees it so you know he only employees the most experienced and creative artists.If anyone has ink around and it looks incredible, chances are they had it done by him or one of his artists.

So, if you’re thinking about getting some work done, don’t even question it – head into Poison Apple, located on Bourbon Street, just down from The Titty Twister…


Disclaimer – Be sure your tetanus shop is up to date!