Hoses Ready and Putting Out Fires

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Some of Hathian’s finest rank among the Hathian Fire Department. The heroic acts of the local Fire Department are legendary among the citizens. Always there for the city to count on in disastrous times, whether it be reaching out to families in need after the notorious Hurricane Katrina or being there for the bombing of the Hathian Police Department last year, the Hathian Fire Department has become a group of men and women the city can depend on.

The department isn’t just about saving lives and putting out fires, the Firefighters are also heavily involved in the cities Municipal Group Events, working along side the Hathian Police Department and Hathian General Hopsital which include charity events such as Date Auctions and Antique Auctions, raising money for Hathian’s needs. Being involved in the local community in more ways than one just goes to show how fortunate the citizens of Hathian are to have these heroic men and women on call.