The Observer: News That’s Sometimes Fit to Print

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An ever present eye on Hathian, The Observer is an integral part of city life. The only newspaper in town, it provides news to every citizen via the internet, or the old fashioned way. Whether it’s about violent criminal activity, classifieds of lonely men looking for loose women, or fluff news about kittens and bake sales, The Observer covers everything with an unbiased voice.

Located in the heart of the city’s red light district on Bourbon Street, The Observer is currently edited by Valena Dowe, an ex con who has enough criminal experience to know how to get the scoops. Before her, Perina McGinnis held the reins, who had a similar illegal past.

Written by: Valena Dowe, News Editor

Whenever you’re looking for a little dirt on the latest happenings around Hathian, pick up a copy of The Observer. You’ll find newspaper vendors throughout the city.