Hungry? Gein Burger Has Got What You Need

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Featured in the heart of Hathian, Louisiana is the single most iconic brand, Gein Burger. While the building itself has changed with the times, one thing has remained the same, the best burger in town. Nothing compares to a juicy, freshly grilled burger from Gein. Using only the best ingredients in town, Gein has become a staple in the diet of Hathianites.

Gein features a one-of-a-kind menu that also features the Gein Burger Challenge. A six pound Gator Burger with four slices of cheese and three additional toppings. Sidled up along side of it is three pounds of fresh cut french fries and three large milkshakes to wash it down. The price tag? $50. If you can finish it within a hour and a half, it’s on the house.