WKRK – The Disposal

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Hathian’s local radio station, WKRK, subsidiary owned by Rader Records, is so much more than a radio station. The station is well known for offering a large variety of instruments and equipment for both purchase or rental. They sell most of today’s greatest hits and even great hits of the past on compact disc or record. In addition to their great equipment and music, the station hosts many of the local raves.

The DJ’s are as eclectic as the community they come from. Each one draws on their own backgrounds and inspirations to open their soul to their listeners by playing those songs which hold meaning to them. Unlike many other radio stations across the United States, WKRK doesn’t bow down to the corporate sponsors, instead they choose to play whatever they want, whenever they want.

Another great thing that the station offers, is the ability to rent studio time to local artists and bands. It’s a great way to get your music out there. So if you’re a struggling musician, save up some cash for studio time and lay down some tracks.

WKRK is always looking for talented DJ’s and there is also an assistant manager position available. So if you think you’ve got what it takes, do not hesitate to stop by for an incredible opportunity.