Lou’s Bar: Curing Hathian’s Sobriety Since 2006

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One of Hathian’s most famous establishments is Lou’s Bar. A place for you to drown your sorrows in a bottle of whiskey or unload them on a bartender, Lou’s will always be there when you need it the most. Lou’s Bar was established by a grumpy old German named Lou Melendez in mid 2006 who ran the bar chastising young females until 2008 before being forced into early retirement due to poor health.

Unlike most bars, Lou’s is notorious for more than just their booze, big breasted bartenders and over-sized bouncers, they also have been rumored to host underground fight clubs and wet t-shirt contests. The manager has been known to find himself out of trouble with Hathian Police Department by offering free drinks to anyone who can flash a badge, a real peace keeper.

The bar is fully stocked with the best booze and liquor, a jukebox for your listening pleasure, a pool table and dartboard, outdoor seating is also available. Lou’s is also always hiring special waitresses, so if you feel like you’ve got the goods see the manager for an in person interview.

Lou’s Bar is located on Hathian Highway near the crossing from Hathian into Vodou. You’ll never leave thirsty and as the saying goes, “Curing your sobriety, one pint at a time.”