Music for Everyone

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If you have ever found yourself roaming along King Street in Hathian, then you’ve seen the notorious Rader Records. If you have ever had the opportunity to thumb through their records, you’d know that there is a variety of music for everyone. Of course they are with the times, selling CD’s, but if you are looking for that nostalgic feeling, the records are what you need. They have anything and everything on vinyl, from the Beatles to Metallica. Don’t like the old stuff? Well that’s okay, they offer a variety of today’s best sellers as well.

It’s true the old record store has quite the reputation, from rumored drug dealings to gang turfs. But don’t let a little violence scare you out of getting the tunes you love! Also stop in to check out the locally promoted concerts and events around the city. After all, Rader Records is also rumored to knowing how to host one hell of a party.